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A Theatrical One Man Show

By Jahret Rainey

Putting on a performance of a Shakespeare play can take weeks of preparation. Between finding actors, costumes and the hours of rehearsing, plays are a team effort that require a lot of work. Allen O’ Reilly did it on his own.

On Wednesday, March 20 GPC Honors Program presented the Georgia Shakespeare & Touring Company in a performance for students, faculty and staff in the JCLRC.

Allen O’Reilly performed a one-man show of “Macbeth the Man” in which he took scenes from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and told the story of Macduff and the events leading up to the killing of Macbeth.

The engaging performance also featured students in the audience. Four Students were given scripts and as O’Reilly pointed to them or made hand gestures, they would recite a line that one of the witches from “Macbeth” would say and O’Reilly would respond and interact. O’Reilly said “it is a way to get the audience involved.”

The Georgia Shakespeare & Touring Company is based out of Oglethorpe University and they put on performances all week on each GPC campus.

For additional information on Georgia Shakespeare visit gashakespeare.org

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