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One on One with the Artist

Profile done by Charlee Correia

Maclean ‘Nessly’ Porter

At first glance you may think that this Nessly is an artist who is all about a materialistic lifestyle. In fact it is far from the truth. Instead of trying to fit in he is creating new avenues for his audience, future artists and most of all for himself.

“The first time I rapped I used to think that every song would make me famous and he was the only one making music.”

Q : How has your work evolved?

A : I believe that my work has evolved greatly. When I first started I was still trying to find myself as an artist. I would listen to a lot of the rappers that I liked and I would try to emulated their sound. But right now I feel like I am completely my own artist and I have my own sound. I actually noticed a lot of people admiring my style and hearing fellow local artists emulating me. My sound is a little bit of real talk rap and fashion rap.

Q : What is luxury rap?

A : Luxury rap is music that is embracing a luxury culture that isn’t really easy to be obtained by the crowd in hip hop today. For example a lot of people like to hear about things that are common, but I like to talk about things that are not common.

Q : Who is your icon?

A: Myself. (as he Laughs) Because honestly I try to do better. There are people that I can say are my icons but then I know that I can be better than them. I have the same work ethic so all I have to do is keep up what I’m doing, and do it ten times as hard and know that it will pay off. I tell myself that I am my biggest inspiration.

Q : Who is your favorite artist?

A : There is no one directly who I can say is my favorite artist, but lyrically right now I appreciate music from Kendrick Lamar.

Q : Where does your inspiration come from?

A : People who inspire me the most in fashion and musically is Karl Lagerfeld the creative director for Chanel, Kanye West and Sade. They all have their own style that I can appreciate.

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