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One on One with the Artist

Profile done by Charlee Correia

Mason McNay

As an art student, novelist, professional skateboarder and a landscaper by day. Mason McNay is currently double majoring in creative writing and studio art.

“I have always seen myself as a gestural artist. A lot of the authors and artists that I really look up to give me ideas of simplicity. Which allows me to take out only what means something to me and my audience. From a writer and artist standpoint.”

Q : How has your work evolved?

A : Since leaving high school I haven’t done any work that I have felt really strongly about. I didn’t have many ideas that I wanted to expand upon writing wise, until very recently. So, I spent that time working on my technical skills — having someone telling you what to do is a decent motivator — so, when I was ready to get my hand moving I didn’t have to feel like I was playing the catch.

Q : If you could live in any time period, what would it be? Why?

A : 14th-15th century Venice. People got around on foot and on gondolas and the population was relatively low but there was an extremely high population density where artists like Leonardo Davinci were engineers.

Q : Who is your icon?

A : Honestly, I don’t think any artist would be telling the truth if they didn’t say themselves. I started writing a book last year and seeing my work in 200 pages is risky. You have to really be in love with your work to risk other people possibly hating it, being a creator I have only been exposed to this.

Q : Like many artists they work off muses, do you work off a muse?

A : Yes and no. You must be able to feel something in order for other people to feel something from your work, but it is not impossible to inspire yourself.

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