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Tagging for a Livin’

By Katherine Kerfoot

You see it everywhere, on the sides of abandoned buildings, beneath bridges, on street signs or wooden fences. What am I talking about? Why, graffiti, of course!

It has become a part of our daily lives to the point where most of us look over it. However, graffiti comes in different forms for different uses. Graffiti can be gang tags, social statements, and a unique art style.

The writer of this article does not approve of creating graffiti gang tags. Such a practice does not even qualify as art and the perpetrators deserve any legal troubles that arise as a result.

Graffiti meant as a social statement or created as pure art, though, is definitely worth some wonder. How can a finely detailed painting come from a spray paint can?

Looking at some graffiti makes a person marvel at the creativity and skill required to turn a plain surface into a masterpiece with crude materials.

Overall, do it right and graffiti is an incredible expression method, one we can all appreciate.

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