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When the Beat Drops

By Katherine Kerfoot

Dancing. An age-old tradition that allows men and women to display their sexual prowess in a socially acceptable situation.

Yes. I really did just say that. So what the hell is the Harlem Shake????

People able to waltz well seem to be more romantic and tender, while those who mastered the rumba are more wild and passionate. Really talented dancers can do both, making them perhaps the best.

Modern dancing, with the gyrations, grinding, and general reckless abandonment, looks more like sex than conventional dances do. What those people hopping on the dance floor are trying to do is anybody’s guess.

Notice what both ballroom and modern dancing have in common: they both can be sensual experiences, designed to seduce. Enter the Harlem Shake. One person moves around randomly for some time and then everybody joins in. There is no real method to the madness, just, well, madness. The Harlem Shake does not include any real seduction or set rules for competence. Everyone can do as they please.

So is the Harlem Shake a pity dance for those of us who can’t dance well?

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  • Jennifer Perry

    I don’t know the answer but this is a great article!