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Zoo Atlanta

Low Budget Activities for the Average Student

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It’s the weekend, and you want to plan what to do with your friends. There are many different activities going on, yet you’re on a low budget. Here are a few ideas that won’t hurt your pocket.

Zoo Atlanta

The zoo is another great place to go to spend time outdoors. I hadn’t been in years until my family and I went this summer.

Go to the Park

I always love going to the park. It’s a great place to enjoy nature and to meet friends for a picnic. Parks are always beautiful in the fall when the leaves are beginning to change.

Atlantic Station/Malls

If you live near the Clarkston campus or even the Newton campus, Atlanta is relatively close. You don’t have to blow money to enjoy a day at the mall. Sometimes it’s fun to simply window shop or try on crazy outfits with your friends that you all know you would never buy.

Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Olympic Park is another fun place to go in Atlanta. It always has fun things going on in the area. Just make sure to always be safe in the city and stay in groups.

The Georgia Aquarium

This one might be a little expensive, but the aquarium offers group discounts and even college group discounts. The aquarium has many different exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Friendly Sports Game

If you have guys and girls in your group, this is a sure way to have some fun. Grab your baseballs, basketballs, kick balls, Frisbees, and may the games begin.

Go out and Volunteer

We are a generation with a lot of great opportunities to help out those around us. Let’s do it! Choose a day when you can go out with friends and volunteer at a homeless shelter or wherever your heart’s desire. You will feel good about helping out and help others feel good too.

Go See a Braves Game

Braves games don’t have to be expensive either. You might have to sit in the “nosebleed” section, but sometimes those can be the best seats in the house because you can see everything going on at the game and have a beautiful sunset view of Atlanta.

Stone Mountain

You don’t necessarily have to go inside Stone Mountain to have fun. You can climb the mountain for free after paying for parking. You can also watch the laser show for free as well.

Coffee Shops

What is college without coffee? Otherwise, how would we all get through those late-night study sessions and finals week? I absolutely love my hometown’s coffee shop. It’s the best place to go and study or just to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. This can be said about any coffee shop. They are always great places to go and meet with friends for much needed study time or just to have a nice talk.

(Photos: Joy Bratcher)

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