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Clarkston LTC Tutoring in the Student Center on Saturdays

By Tatiana Cadet


To attract more students, the Learning and Tutoring Center (LTC) at Georgia Perimeter College Clarkston Campus is offering tutoring in the Student Center building on Saturdays.

The Clarkston LTC has been focusing on catering to the needs of the students by relocating once a week, staying up to date with the latest social media and remaining open to suggestions for improvements. The LTC is located in the B-building Monday through Friday.

Clarkston campus students can walk through the student center and see the arrows pointing to upstairs. Flyers posted along the stairway in the very busy CN building attract a lot of attention as students visit the bookstore, cafeteria, advisors, financial aid and so much more. “We are trying to reach some students who don’t realize that the LTC is here,” said Mary Hamilton, coordinator of the Clarkston Campus LTC. “We are always striving to reach as many students as possible.”

While most students come to the LTC when they are having difficulty with an assignment or struggling with a subject, the LTC is not only for students with academic issues. Brandon Groves, Clarkston campus sophomore and business administration major, stated that the LTC helped him with his online college algebra course and even assisted in developing his resume. The services offered are greatly beneficial for all types of students: international, homeschooled, dual enrollment, even students who strive for more and maybe want to turn that “B” into an “A.”

Martha Wallace, GPC alumna, emphasized how the LTC services prepared her with the necessary tools for her future success as a current student at Agnes Scott College. “The LTC provided handouts, website information and tutors that were determined to help me succeed.”

On all campuses tutors and LTC faculty coordinate with professors to ensure the services students receive from tutors are a supplement to the classroom. Surveys are also conducted to find out what improvements can be implemented to benefit students.  The LTC has locations on each of GPC’s five campuses that offer free tutoring.

The LTC is available for prospective and current students. Websites are consistently kept up to date; the LTC is on Facebook, Twitter, and even Foursquare. With students always on their cell phones, resources are at their fingertips. For more information visit the LTC on the web at www.gpc.edu, www.facebook.com/GPCLTC, and www.twitter.com/GPCLTC.


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