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GPC MediaSpot Teaches those with a Passion for Media Production

By Jordan Taylor


Ever wanted to enter the Campus Movie Festival but didn’t have a video recording camera or maybe didn’t know how to edit? Ever wanted to blow a professor away by creating an animation for a project but don’t know how to? The GPC Media Spot is there for you.

“It’s like the JagSpot, but for media,” said Jerrod Johnson digital media supervisor at Newton campus.

Any enrolled student at Georgia Perimeter College is welcome in the media spot, but to work with the equipment, you must take workshops. The more workshops a student takes the more freedom he or she will have in using all of the equipment.

Johnson said that the advisors, “welcome all students to take workshops, work in the lab or even come by and ask questions.“

The media spot holds rows of Mac Desktops, a recording room, cabinets full of tripods, Canon cameras, JVC cameras and much more.

Each Media Spot is equipped with workstations for graphic design, video editing and audio production. The computers are equipped with software like Final Cut Pro,IMovie, Garage Band, Sound Booth, Logic Pro, Screenwriter 6, iLife and the Adobe Suite.

The technology fee the students pay as part of their tuition entirely funds the Media Spot.

Part of Johnson’s job is, “to make sure the students have a wonderful experience in the lab, and that they come in with their dreams and visions and are able to make them a reality,” he said.

When students want to make a movie, record a song, make animation, take pictures or simply have a passing interest in the media field, the digital media advisors are there to help.

As the largest student film competition in the world, the week of the Campus Movie Festival during Spring semester is one of the most exciting for digital media advisors like Johnson.

The Media Spot offers training for students, help with ideas, use of the lab to edit projects, and rental equipment such as cameras, tripods, and green screens.

Lindsay Jarman, a student at GPC just signed up to take her first workshop at the Media spot recently.

“I’m taking the audio workshop because I want to record my music in there,” said Jarman. Jarman is a singer and has recorded in studios before but is excited to learn to use the equipment she has seen in the studio.  “It’s so easy being at the school,” she said.

The Media Spot has locations at Clarkston CL 2352, Decatur SF 2203, Dunwoody NE 0180  and Newton 1N 2220.

For more information on how you can sign up for the workshops, you can visit gpc.edu/studentsignup.

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