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Molly Enrolls at GPC: Students Confess their experience with the drug

By Taylor Jordan


She is not hard to find. She appears at parties, concerts and even in music. She has captivated the mind and soul of millions. Enticing them to give her a chance. Tempting teens and adults alike with her claim to purity. Persuading all humans to be uplifted and accepted by her. Her name is Molly and she is running freely among us. Local students here at Georgia Perimeter College opened up and shared why and asked to

remain anymous.

“When it hits you, you get happy, everything feels amazing, some people say you can feel music as it hits you. You’re always in rhythm with everything around you. It targets your serotonin receptors causing you to feel everything. Touching another human feels good…everything feels great,” said one anonymous frequent Molly user.

Molly’s real identity is Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA for short. MDMA is both a stimulant and psychedelic, flooding the brain with serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine causing extreme feelings of euphoria, openness
and acceptance.

The drug can be taken as a pill, eaten, snorted  or smoked. The common short term side effects include teeth grinding, jaw clenching, anxiety, dehydration, nervousness, and high heart rates, according to Dr. Robert Glatter via Marc Lamont from Huffington Post.

Those side effects are nothing compared to the more serious ones associated with an overdose which include seizures, brain bleeds, liver toxicity and death.

So why is this new drug so popular? Why is Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records rapper Tyga looking for Molly in his hit song, “Molly”? Why does singer Miley Cyrus sing about dancing with Molly in her new song “We Can’t Stop”?  Why has this dangerous drug grown so rampant in America?

Various students admit to having tried the drug, most of them at parties. Molly is taken in an uplifting environment and causes feelings of acceptance and openness.

“I still feel totally aware of what I’m saying or doing. But you feel completely overjoyed and euphoric, and the only thing that you want to do is move and dance and experience life in a different way with the people around you,” another anonymous student said. “But you don’t see crazy colors or hallucinate or anything like that. Life is just much more enjoyable. Oh yeah! And it makes you very alert. And so hot and so thirsty. They weren’t kidding when they say ‘pop a molly I’m sweating.’

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