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End of the Semester Check-List

By Katherine Kerfoot

We’ve got little under a month left of school.  Are you ready for it?  Find out now.

        1)  How are your grades doing?  Finals will be here before you know it.  If your grades aren’t where you want them, go talk to your professor now before it’s too late.  If possible, boost your grades with any bonus opportunities you can (if your professor offers bonus).  Also, make sure you turn in all your homework completed and on time.  This will hopefully put you in good shape before you take your finals.

        2)  Know where your rental books are?  Despite the fact that you need them to study for exams, you have to return them at the end of the semester.  Make sure you know where they are and that they’re in good shape.

        3)  Start studying now.  Just because you’re excited about the holidays doesn’t mean you can slack off.  You most likely still have exams to take before your finals.  Try not to flunk them.

        4)  If you plan to graduate next semester, make sure you have all the requisite forms turned in and talk to an advisor if you plan to TAG into a four-year institution.  The future’s nothing to joke about.  You’ve got to make sure you’re all set for your graduation and further education.

        5)  If you’re graduating this semester, make sure you are acquiring everything you need to walk and continue learning.  This includes the robe and cap.  Also, remember what the deadlines are for any colleges to which you are applying.  Some, if not many, have already passed.  Make sure all your options are available.


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