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GPC’s New Ping-Pong Champion

By Tammy Le

Computer science major Nawar Alquadhy is one step closer to accomplishing his dream after winning a Ping-Pong tournament Oct. 24 on the Clarkston campus.

Playing since he was 15, Alwadhy has loved the sport since he was a child and is hoping to go to state and national championships.

Playing for eight years he was ranked No. 11 in 2008 nationally in Iraq before playing for one year in the U.S.

After suffering from a gunshot wound to the hand while serving as an interpreter for the U.S. Army, Alqadhy stopped playing for four months.

“If you don’t practice every day, you’ll lose,” said Alqadhy.

Alwadhy travels to different countries for tournaments also teaching  kids ranging from ages 11 to 14 how to play Ping-Pong

“I can teach anyone but there is a difference between someone who is 10 and 20,” said Alqadhy.

He attends a Ping-Pong club twice a week in downtown Decatur.

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