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Smartphones: What do they tell us of our personalities?

By Delaney Strunk

Throughout the history of mankind there have been fierce rivalries dividing people of all ages, races, and genders. The world has seen many bloody battles over Coke versus Pepsi and cats versus dogs, but perhaps the worst rivalry to date has just begun: iPhone versus Android. No matter which avenue you choose, Apple or Motorola, owning a smartphone or any touchscreen technology from these providers is the new “in” thing to do. So to help shed some unbiased light on the technology sweeping the world here is what your electronic device says about you.

The iPhone:

Sure it might be the most common smartphone in use today, but that doesn’t bother you any. You don’t mind following the crowd and updating your phone each time a newer model is released because honestly, no one wants to be seen in public with an outdated phone. Just because everyone else owns the same phone as you doesn’t make you any less unique, after all your new phone case that is water-proof, crack-proof, and now even toddler-proof shows your personality. That is if you use a phone case. You could very well be the rebel who has enough confidence to think you could never drop or crack your phone. Well eventually, on that one drunken night where your phone slowly tumbles out of your pocket facedown onto the hard cement, you play the worst game known to smartphone users: Cracked or Not Cracked. Hopefully the odds are in your favor friend. Despite the occasional freezing and dropped calls your phone never leaves your side and you have found Siri to be an awfully comforting companion on your late-night drives. You love not having to worry about if an app is available on your device and you have perfected the art of the “selfie.” Yes iPhone user, you are one loyal customer to Apple, yet you can’t deny the tiny sense of jealousy that rises inside of you each time you see commercials for the new Motorola X. But really who can blame you, it’s so dang pretty. This brings us to our next set of smartphone users: the Droids.

Motorola Droids:

Unlike those iPhone posers, you are totally hip to the advances in technology. I mean really hip, have you seen how thin these phones are and the Moto X is curved to fit your hand exactly? It’s groundbreaking and you are the pioneer of this device. You navigate through multiple screens with ease and a simple flick of the wrist lets you quickly snap a photo of that cute guy in your chemistry class without being too obvious. It may be frustrating when all your friends are playing new games on their phones and your app market doesn’t have it available yet, but hey at least you got to customize each color on your phone right? Your relationship with your phone may have started out rocky when you couldn’t find the button to take you back to your home screen, causing you to throw your phone against your bed in frustration, but you have both moved on and learned from the experience. It’s fun to watch your friends struggle with using your phone and it gives you a feeling of superiority over the common iPhone user. You are not a clone like the rest of your peers, you are a Droid and proud.

Now the last, but certainly not least, phone connoisseur is the ever-judged non-smartphone user.

The Flip Phone:

Whether you are using a Motorola Razr or a LG enV3, you are a non conformist. While everyone else snapchats during class lectures you are focused and ready to learn, except for the few games of snake you sneak in during powerpoint transitions. There are two main reasons for your choice in outdated technology. You may be using an old phone while transitioning between your old cracked iPhone and the new update, or perhaps and more likely you are taking a stand against our smartphone-obsessed society. You roll your eyes while your friends drone on about Instagram likes and new emojis. Though you may have to print out Mapquest directions just in case your car GPS malfunctions again you don’t mind, you’re actively protesting. Strangers question your choice in phone and you welcome their disapproval since it gives you a chance to criticize the addiction to technology which has slowly corrupted the minds of the young and blah blah blah. I admire your ability to say no to technology, I do, but be honest, there has to be a tiny part of you deep down inside that really wants to see what all the fuss over Candy Crush is about.

It’s true society has learned to rely heavily off technology, but like all things, moderation is key. As an iPhone user myself, I know just how easy it is to latch onto your phone and how it almost becomes a safety net when communicating with others. So stop judging people who have different phones than you, although our devices may be different we are all consumers of the electronic era.


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