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The Importance of GPC

JSW Headshot By Victoria Song

From all the colleges in Georgia, Jerry S.Wilson chose to attend DeKalb Community College, now known as Georgia Perimeter College.

 “I chose DeKalb because I could accrue transferable credits from an accredited college,” said Wilson.

 GPC has more than 20,000 students, and they, like Wilson, can find that the first semester can be stressful.

 “When I first arrived at DeKalb Community College it felt a bit overwhelming due to the size and challenging curriculum,” Wilson said. “However, I quickly found my place in the classroom, on the swim team, and around campus.”

 Attending a two-year college like GPC often comes with unwelcoming judgments by society, according to Wilson.

 “The ‘stigma’ is a result of people misunderstanding the incredible value of colleges like GPC. I am proud to say I was and still am a GPC alumnus,” Wilson explains. “Many people do not understand the importance of two-year colleges in the education system.  GPC is one of the largest colleges in the state of Georgia, and offers a wide range of degrees.”

 Wilson graduated from GPC with an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts.

 “My parents attended college, however neither graduated.  So, it was their hope and desire that their three children would achieve Bachelor level degrees.  As the eldest child, I was determined to achieve this goal,” said Wilson.

After earning his bachelor’s in economics from the University of Georgia and a masters in
Marketing from Mercer University, Wilson began working for Ford, Volkswagen, and Coca-Cola. At The Coca-Cola Company, Wilson became the Senior Vice President of Global Chief Customer and Commercial Officer.

 “Along the way, I learned that the key to any business challenge is attracting, including, and inspiring the best team of people possible. My No.1 Leadership Agenda Item is PEOPLE,” said Wilson.

 Currently, Wilson is the founder of JSW Consulting, LLC, and co-author of the book “Managing Brand YOU.”

“People have a passion that makes them unique.  Rather than trying to copy someone else, ‘Managing Brand You’ helps readers stand out by being true to themselves,” Wilson says.

 Wilson is living proof that a two-year college system is important for students. Graduating from GPC eventually led him to his success today.

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Business Major at GPC, Dunwoody.

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