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There is An App For That

By Joy Bratcher

Recently, Georgia Perimeter College has created an app for its students and future students to download to their phones. This app has several features including links to the SIS system and a section for applicants to the university who can check to see what is needed for admissions.  At first glance, this app seems almost perfect, but is it?

When I downloaded the app to my phone, it did not take long to download. When I opened it , I was excited to see what all it had to offer. Soon, my excitement turned into frustration. When I tried to log into the app, it would not let me saying that there was an “error retrieving (my) GPC ID.” I tried three or four times before I ultimately decided to give up. As time progressed, I still had not gotten it to work.

I decided to explore the other options on the app that did not require me being logged into the system such as the Facebook and Twitter links. The Facebook and Twitter pages seemed to be well put together and features news and updates about what is going on at the different campuses. Twitter even has our mascot Jaggy tweeting updates about the school himself which I thought was very creative.

The Youtube link had former students talking about their experiences at GPC and included Public Safety videos featuring Chief N.T. Marinelli talking about different public safety tips. They are all very informative.

My favorite part of the app was the map section for all campus locations and addresses. I’m mainly from Newton’s campus so whenever I go to Clarkston, I always find a way to get loss. This app takes care of those kinds of problems.

The event and news portion of the app provides the latest updates about the college without having to go into the Facebook or Twitter pages and includes an academic calendar. It is something that is helpful to keep up when certain deadlines are due for the semester such as financial aid deadlines for the upcoming year.

This app has a lot of potential. It still has a few glitches to work out, but all and all I think it was a great decision for the college to come up with. I look forward to using it more in the future.

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