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A Look Inside GPC’S Phi Theta Kappa Chapters

By Kimberly Hung

One of the many benefits of maintaining a high grade point average at Georgia Perimeter College is the opportunity to participate in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)  is an international academic honor society for students in two-year institutions.

“The Society exists to reward academic and scholastic achievement,” said Dr. Jay Dunn, Dunwoody chapter advisor. “It provides students opportunities to work together on projects that drive fellowship and leadership roles.

Membership is based on invitation only, but students with good academic standing and at least a 3.5 grade point average who have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours are invited to join the Society each semester.

There is an induction ceremony to formally welcome new members to the honor society and to reward their achievements.

The Society offers tools to assist members in planning the transfer process to a four-year institution and developing marketable skills for future employment.

Members receive distinctive access to scholarships from universities across the country.

Dr. Dunn and PTK Dunwoody chapter president Pourya Bakhityar agree that the key to getting the most from the society is participation.

“Coming to the meetings and being an active member will let you take much more away from Phi Theta Kappa,” said Bakhityar. “For example, becoming an officer will be something that you can say you actually did instead of just having the Phi Theta Kappa name branded to your transcript.”

The Georgia region has 36 chapters of Phi Theta Kappa with five chapters located on all GPC campuses.

Online students are welcomed to join the society.

The Dunwoody campus chapter is currently working on projects from the PTK  Honors in Action initiative.

The Mentors for Academic Progress (MAP) project is presently led by student member and senior vice president of the Dunwoody chapter, Tyre Johnson-King, who says  the project’s purpose is to connect struggling students with student mentors.

“The mentor will familiarize the student with the LTC, library  and how to best utilize their professors’ office hours,” said Johnson-King.

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