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ASK Sloane “In Case of an Emergency”

  Has something ever stopped working right when you need it the most? Do you have a backup? If the power goes out, would you be prepared? Do you have enough money put aside in case of emergency? These are important questions that everyone should consider.

   Life can happen when you least expect it, so the question is how would you be able to handle the unexpected circumstances? There are more than a few ways that you can end up in a rut. You may think, “This is the end,” or you may ask yourself, “Why me?” And everyone responds with the same answer, “Everything happens for a reason.”

   My theory is that no matter what happens, be prepared. The world is constantly changing and life is the same way. We all need a little help regardless if we agree to that or not. Well, I am here to give you a few tips to guarantee that you are ahead of the issue before it strikes.

   The most important piece of advice I can give to you is to remain calm when something unexpected happens. The moment your anxiety kicks in, you are no longer thinking rationally, rather you are acting off of emotion. You have to open your mind in all dynamics to get you out of the sticky situation and find out what you can do to help yourself first.

   For example, what do you do to be prepared for a power outage? First, locate all the things you will need and put them in arms’ reach, so when the power does go out you know exactly where all of your items are and how to get to them as quickly as possible. Also, have working batteries on standby just in case.

   Next, have your pantry stocked with enough food, mostly non-perishables, to last you a couple of days. Ensure that all doors and windows are sealed and that you are as far away from them as possible, in case of trees falling.

   Last, keep in contact with your family and friends, just in case you need help. Believe it or not, other people may be able to help out and see how things can be done differently to your advantage. You could also take this time to reconnect with your family or friends, playing fun games and spending quality time with them. Talking to them is a nice way to keep your attention diverted; you’ll be so grateful that being stuck in the house will be the last thing on your mind.

   In closing, remember that no matter the circumstances, life will go on around you, whether you lose your phone or you hurt yourself tremendously. There will always be a back-up plan or an alternative for you to move forward and breeze through life’s troubles with a smile on your face.

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