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club rush

Clubs Rush to Add Students to Roster

club rush


By Troi Charity

JAG held their annual Club Rush on Clarkston Jan.15 in the student center.

“It was a very well thought out event,” said Clarkston SGA President Salwa Ahmed. “Students had a chance to view what is on campus.”

Students had the chance to learn briefly about the several clubs in attendance such as Japan Society, Triangle Club, International Students Club and the GaPCANS.

“I want them to learn more about Japan and not just anime,” said upcoming Japan Society President Tony Khounxay.

Sponsored by JAG, refreshments were provided during the event where students received a light snack after visiting club tables.

Travis Lindsey however was from Campus Movie Fest promoting the upcoming event.

The purpose of Campus Movie Fest is to give the opportunity to create and play around with editing material,” said Linsey. “Get in tune with their creative genes.”

Club Rush was held Jan. 15 and 16 on Clarkston.

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(Photo by Justin Beaudrot)


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