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Faculty Insider The Person Behind The Lectures

johnfarrisBy Victoria Song

At the age of eight, Professor John Farris became fascinated with history.

“When I was eight, I was at a department store in the kid’s section and picked up a book that had stories about the First World War. I read it and was immediately hooked on history,” explains Farris.

In the beginning of his college career, Farris was initially encouraged to pursue a more practical major. 

“I was thinking about what I should major in, and my dad advised me to major in accounting,” Farris recalls. “ So I majored in accounting then switched to business and realized I didn’t like any of it.”

With both a bachelor and masters degree in history, Farris began his career by completing an assistantship with Georgia State University teaching world and U.S. history.

“The classes that I was most interested in were the required history courses,” said Farris. “One day, my professor came in, and he was so excited about history. I said to myself ‘that’s what I want to major in.’ I remember my father saying, ‘What are you going to do with a history degree? You’re going to have to teach.’” 

In 2004, Farris became a full-time history instructor at GPC. Currently pursuing his doctorate, Farris is finishing his dissertation on Jimmy Carter’s Economic Policy at GSU while continuing to teach at the Dunwoody campus.

“I previously taught part-time at GPC in the 1990s when it was still called DeKalb Community College,”said Farris. I love teaching both the U.S survey and world history course because for many students my class is going to be the only history course that they take, and I like the challenge of making history interesting for students,” Farris said. 

For students, Farris advise, “Seize the moment and stay focused on your education remembering that a college education is your ticket to a more prosperous future.” 

It might astonish some, but even professors have surprising facts of their own.

(Photo courtesy of John Farris)


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