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History and Current Events Club Celebrates 18 Years

By Sri Rahasekaran

The dual partnership of the History and Current events club on GPC’s Decatur and Newton campuses celebrates 18 years of membership.

“Many of the alumni of the History and Current Events Club have become excellent leaders in the Decatur/Rockdale and Newton Student Government Associations,” said Dr. Salli Vargais.

Chartered in 1996 at the Decatur Campus, the club’s mission was to  provide a platform for students to discuss and debate interesting historical facts.

“At least two of the club alumni have majored in International Relations and work in related fields,” said Vargais.

The club’s objective of developing well-informed citizens has created a series of records of events, according to the History and Current Events Club flyer.

“Some have become attorneys, social workers, etc. – a remarkable indication that they have benefited from this club’s activities,” said Dr. Vargais.

The club also celebrates Black History, Women’s History and Asian History months with events along with voter registration drives and family history sessions.

This year there are four students on the Newton campus and five on Decatur campus who are attending the National Model African Union Conference in Washington, D.C. Feb 20-23.

During the conference, Newton students will serve as diplomats from Algeria and Decatur students will represent Tunisia.

For more information about this club, please contact Dr. Salli Vargais at Salli.Vargais@gpc.edu for Newton or John Damico for Decatur at John.Damico@gpc.edu.

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