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Student Response to Smoking Ban



By Joy Bratcher

Recently, the Board of Regents discussed the idea of banning all smoking on campuses across the state. This means taking away public smoking areas, an idea that students are not ready to support. Even though it seems that many are against the proposal, I believe that it will ultimately be a great plan if it passes into law. In fact, it would be something that has been long overdue in my opinion.

I have always been someone that’s against smoking. I have seen the devastation that it has caused. My dad has lung cancer, which is something that the doctors seem to have related to him smoking when he was younger. My dad has not smoked a single cigarette in over 20 years. Yet, they say that the effects of the tobacco had already taken its toll on his lungs.

My distaste for cigarettes also comes from my asthma. Even a little bit of secondhand smoke can set me off into a coughing attack.

At the Newton campus, people are allowed to smoke on the campus near the entrance to the first building. Even if you try to avoid it, the wind can sometimes carry the smoke over to wherever you are.

This is a problem for all asthma patients and people who have breathing problems that are made worse by secondhand smoke.

I believe that if the proposal is passed, then it would not only help put an end to secondhand smoke, but will also help people quit smoking period. If people are forced to smoke less, then it could make it easier for them to stop smoking altogether.

Tobacco and the other substances that are made into cigarettes are harmful to a person’s body, but the high or rush that they get from the nicotine seems to make all of it okay. This is the furthest thing from the truth, and something that the tobacco companies want you to overlook.

I believe that making all of the campuses smoke free is going to be a great change. I sincerely hope that the proposal passes later this year. If it does, then I believe as time goes by people will see that the Board of Regents made the right call.

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