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To Bieb or Not To Bieb

By Jessica Cephus

They make us laugh, they make us cry, they inspire us to dream, and they make millions while doing these things. The group of people I am referring to are today’s celebrities. In our society we seem to be so caught up in the lives of celebrities that have resulted in reality show mayhem; Twitter wars between celebs and their rivals; the leakage of raunchy photos, and list of other questionable behavior still continues to grow. Celebrities have proven that they will do anything to keep their fans entertained and it works, but what happens when celebrities take it too far? These elite individuals seem to have entertained our ability to judge between right and wrong right out of our brains.

Let’s take Justin Bieber for example. I must admit, the guy’s last album Journals was pretty good, but I can’t say the same about his behavior or any of the decisions he has made lately. Although Bieber isn’t the only young and reckless celebrity in the news, I believe he has one of the largest fan bases and has a lot of influence over this large group of “Beliebers.” I would hate to see him lead them down the same reckless path he is traveling on. If it’s one thing I can say, Bieber has definitely been working on his street cred, from facing charges of DUI, drag-racing, and driving with an invalid license, Justin seems to be turning into the guy your mom warned you about.

So many people have argued that Bieber is just “living his life” or “enjoying his youth,” but is egging your neighbor’s house or speeding down the road like a NASCAR driver really necessary? I think not. In my opinion, Justin Bieber is an example of someone who is so rich and talented that he feels like he is above the law, and he continues to act out, because he knows that somewhere lurking in the bushes is a TMZ camera man waiting to give him more publicity. Until the viewers, the fans, and people in his community say enough is enough, Bieber will continue to spiral out of control. I honestly think it’s not too late for Bieber to turn his life around, but it’s totally up to him. I don’t think shipping him back to Canada will change anything seeing that he’s facing alleged assault charges in Toronto.

Our society seems to have a trend where we just allow celebrities to get away with any and everything because we like their music or because they’re cool. We give them a couple of warnings when they mess up, and send them away when we’ve had enough of them. We created this monster and continue to fuel his behavior. I feel like we should try our best to show him and other artists that they can be cool without completely tarnishing their image.

Will Justin’s career crash and burn due to his poor decision making or will he learn to control himself? I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully Bieber will decide to come back Down To Earth and take responsibility for his actions.


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