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Ask Sloane Oscar Night

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Wow! How amazing were the awards? Did anyone believe that this night would be so magical? According to The Washington Post, this was “the most watched Academy Awards in 10 years,” having 43 million people tuning in to ABC network to witness the wonderful night and generating 3.3 billion tweets on that night causing Twitter to crash for a while.

From Lupita Nyong’o’s beautiful powder blue Prada gown, and snagging the Best Supporting Actress in the film 12 Years a Slave to Jared Leto’s touching acceptance speech for winning the Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. He portrayed a transgender woman and HIV positive drug addict, who becomes friends with Matthew McConaughey.

Those breathtaking, heartfelt moments could do no wrong in a crowd full of beautiful starlets. The women looked stunning in their gorgeous gowns and of course the men were quite dapper in their handsome tuxedos. You could definitely feel the love from everyone.

The host, Ellen DeGeneres, was magnificent as she kept the crowd afloat with a surprise pizza delivery boy going row by row and handing out cheese or veggie pizza to the stars. Oh and let’s not forget about the selfie seen all over the world, noted as the “Best Selfie Ever.”  Over all it was a beautiful night, and how could I forget to mention 12 Years a Slave winning Best Picture of the Year!

While I was excited that they won, other GPC students didn’t feel the same.

Vonda Herring, a nursing major at GPC  said, “I am glad that they won Best Picture, but I am so aggravated of slavery being shoved down our throats.”

“I feel as if it’s a bittersweet time in 2014 and to see how we are still living in a slavery time, they should stop talking about it,” said Erica Harris, also a
nursing student.

Darrius Walker and Timothy Strand, business majors at GPC, agreed that they loved the movie and were elated that it won Best Picture. They also believe that film producers should continue to raise awareness about slavery for our younger generation to understand that we as a nation have come a long way.

I, however, believe both responses were key points and I’m just proud of how far we have come as a whole. In closing, I would like to note that some will never be really be so accepting with slavery but one thing about history I’ve learned is “You can’t erase history, you can only make sure that it never happens again.”

(Ask Sloane Graphic by Farhin Lilywala)

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