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Black History Month: “Greek Speak Part II”

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“Tooson conducts the seminar about NPHCs with great enthusiasm.”

By Celeste Garcia


GPC’s Decatur campus held a “Greek Speak Part II” presentation sponsered by  Student Life Feb. 26 from 2-4 p.m.

A part of the Black History Month the event was a continuous discussion about the African-American fraternities and sororities held at four-year universities or institutions.

Johnny P. Tooson, advisor of the Student Life Decatur campus, conducted the program with the purpose of student interest, a part of Black History Month and the opportunity to educate students about the respected incorporated organizations.

“Hopefully once a student were to transfer to a four-year university, they would have an idea of what the organization is about,” said Tooson.

GPC student Darlyn Pavon attended the program with the intention of finding more information about the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority, Incorporated.

Pavon admires the historic women of the AKA sorority, and their bravery for standing up for what they believe in, also Pavon’s grandmother was a member from the  Howard University Alpha chapter in Washington.

“Their history is so rich to me,” said Pavon passionately about the organization.

Pavon would watch videos about AKA as research. From her observations of the videos, she saw the unity within AKA’s sisterhood and their determination on achieving greater things.

According to Tooson’s research program, the National Pan-Hellenic Council is a collaborative organization of nine historically African American, international Greek lettered fraternities and sororities. NPHC was formed as a permanent organization May 1930 at Howard University.

The NPHC mission is to promote unity on college and universities campus and within communities wherein graduate and/or alumni chapters exist.

Their culture consists of Greek life activities, following set example, strange beginnings when joining the membership, maintaining Greek traditions, learning the historic timelines and Greek step shows.

All organizations require their members to have  high academic  excellence and an in-depth involvement in community service.

Vicki Carew Johnson, a former Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. member was at the event. She also stressed the importance of keeping up academic excellence.

“If you are interested in the Delta Sigma Theta you must do the work, otherwise this is not the place for you,” said  Johnson.

Tooson advised students to prepare themselves by asking students to become aware of their preferred organization requirements national and school wise.

For any further information on NPHC organization, contact Johnny P. Tooson at johnny.tooson@gpc.edu, or check NPHC out online at www.nphchq.org.

(Photo by: Celeste Garcia)

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