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Decatur Leadership Development Program

By Celeste Garcia
Aaron Wright Jr. conducted the Decatur Leadership Development Program(DLDP)  Feb. 26, from 1-2 p.m at GPC with the intent of developing interviewing skills and improving business etiquette.

The program is sponsored by Student Activity fees. Johnny P. Tooson, advisor of the Student Life contracted Wright for the DLDP which is on its fourth session out of six.

“This is a great seminar we would like for students to attend,” said Tooson about the program.

The program focused on what strategies, approaches and preparation a person should do to stand out in an interview.

 Wright is the executive director of the LEAP association, Inc. A professional coaching business training services. He helps businesses develop leadership, teamwork, employee development and technology training

“Companies are hiring people for their minds and the ability to critically think,” Wright answered after asking his audience what made them stand out from others.

Wright advised that there should have been extensive research done upon the company before an interview.

He recommended doing further research to find out the company’s market challenges that affect them. This would demonstrate how passionate you are about the company and how you are willing to provide the services to help.

Also, find out who will be interviewing you and do some research on them to find ways to relate with that person.

 It is also important to know the company’s culture and decide if this is where you would like to work at as well.

“I have left work places where I did not like the company’s culture,” said Shanteran Stinson, a former Decatur GPC student.

 If you want to seek more of Wrights advice, his fifth session on: Getting though the To Do in life, on March 26, at 1 p.m. on the Decatur campus  SF 2101.

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