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Google Employee Visits GPC

By Victoria Song

With today’s economy, finding a job as a college student has become a full time career in itself. On March 17, the Communications Club at the Dunwoody campus hosted a special event entitled, “Google a Success. How to Enhance your Online Brand,” to help students succeed in a competitive workforce.

“The purpose of the Communications Club is to assist students with the processes of communicating by hosting informative events and training,” said Tracey Thomas, President of the Communications Club.

Guest speaker Rebecca Colett from Google came to inform and help GPC students on how to use social media platforms to gain access to internships and jobs. Colett is a social media strategy specialist and works with Google to ensure companies like Target, Ann Taylor and Macy’s are on top of Google searches. To her credibility, Colett never went on Google’s career site to fill out an online application. The hiring manger came to Colett to hire her on the spot based on her social media profile.

“83 percent of companies successfully hire candidates through social networking sites and the percentage is only increasing,” said Colett.

Out of the many social networking sites, Colett explained how most hiring managers would look toward LinkedIn first to fill positions.

“On LinkedIn, your summary and experience is extremely important because you have a few seconds to get recruiters interested in hiring you. For your summary, you should write your 30 second elevator speech of what you have done and what you want to do,” advises Colett.

The second most popular social media site used to recruit employees is Facebook. Colett understands how everyone has a Facebook profile, but she advises students to carefully maintain a good standing account.

“Make sure to keep up with Facebook’s privacy settings. Untag photos of yourself that you wouldn’t want your parents to see and don’t upload questionable photos,” said Colett.

As a hiring manager, herself, Colett assures GPC students that employers will look through every photo on an applicant’s social media page.

“In the workforce, colleagues spend a lot of time together and eventually we become a second family,” said Colett. “Which is why employers will look through your social media accounts to make sure your personality will fit within the company.”

The advancement of the Internet is truly revolutionizing the work force today. Facebook started out, as casual way to communicate with close friends and now it has become a unconventional resume.

“I didn’t know hiring managers looked so seriously into our Social Media pages. Now I have to look through all my photos and delete the questionable ones,” said Dunwoody student, Olivia Song.

Right now the job market is becoming very competitive which is why students must use unconventional ways of finding jobs.

“Be creative and expand your network but most importantly, use your connections,” said Colett.

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Business Major at GPC, Dunwoody.

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