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GPC Celebrates Black History Month

By Victoria Song

Georgia native, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream which GPC continues to honor by celebrating Black History Month throughout its five campuses. On Feb. 20, the Dunwoody Campus of GPC held a Black History Month Trivia Game Show organized by the Student Government Association and Jaguar Activities Group.

“We want students to learn while also having fun,” said JAG member, Aghogho Ekoko.

The enthusiastic host and DJ attracted many students to join and participate. Contestants engaged in black history trivia and a dance contest to songs such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Cali Swag’s “Teach Me How to Dougie.” By appealing to our generation, the event brought in a large crowd of interested students.

“SGA and JAG wants more interaction with the student body. Hosting big events like Trivia Game show with big incentives means a bigger crowd and more fun,” said JAG Special Events Coordinator and student,
Jacquinn Mccullough.

Two knowledgeable and rhythmic students who won the game show had the opportunity to leave with $100 cash. SGA and JAG tables also provided refreshments for viewers to indulge in while watching the fun and
educational entertainment.

“Before participating in the trivia game show, I didn’t know Black History had such a big influence to our society today. I had a lot of fun and hope JAG and SGA continues to make events involving games and incentives,” Dunwoody Film major student, Micah Brown said about his involvement.

On April 1, GPC students will have another opportunity to win fast cash at the Name That Tune Game Show event hosted by SGA/JAG at the Dunwoody campus.

“It’s difficult when the event I planned three months ahead isn’t a success. It is the best feeling when there is a large crowd as a result of my hard work,”
Mccullough said.

As SGA and JAG continue to plan more exciting events to promote GPC’s sense of community involvement. The annual Spring Fling will take place April 10. The theme for this year’s spring fling is still being decided between a mash-up of different themes or a “into the jungle” theme.

“I would like students to come out with GPC student pride after attending our events and start being involved with the school,” Mccullough wishes as he graduates GPC this semester to transfer to Georgia State University.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be very happy to see GPC’s dedication on preserving his dream but most importantly, the sense of community GPC provides to its hard working students.

About Victoria Song

Business Major at GPC, Dunwoody.

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