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GPC Deans Join Twitter

By Perry Standridge

Today social media has connected everyone around the world. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter users are growing by the numbers. On Twitter, people can tweet about anything to their followers in 140 characters or less. This social media has become very popular, even so that the Deans on Clarkston campus at GPC have started a Twitter account to communicate with the student body

on campus.

Matthew Robison, Dean of Student Services and Marla Calico, the Academic Dean for Clarkston have both started a Twitter account. Robison hopes that this is the start of something new.

“We’re just trying to do the best we can to communicate and get the information that we feel that students need to know,” said Robison.

It’s another way that the administration can be in touch with the students and to have a better relationship with the student body, and that the students can connect with the institution.

“We want to be seen as the administrator that is approachable to the student body, that’s open to listening to the student body, and just wanting that one on one… where we can connect to the students,” said Robison.

A major way that this Twitter account can benefit the students, on Clarkston campus, is to be informed about what is going on the campus.

To follow the deans on twitter search @gpc_clk_deans.


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