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Spring Break: Then and Now

By Sri Rajasekaran


It’s Spring Break again and even though the name remains the same, the meaning for those in high school and college is completely different.

“In high school, spring break was hanging out with friends. Now that I am in college, Spring Break is studying and working more hours at work,” said GPC student Leanna Whitaker.

In general, Spring Break in  high school falls closer to Easter, giving students an opportunity to celebrate the occasion with family, and also visit the beach – since the weather would be warmer in April.

In college however, Spring Break falls in the month of March – which isn’t close to any festivals – and the weather is an intermediate between winter and spring, so it isn’t really worth it to go to
the beach.

College students find themselves spending time catching up on academics. Working extra hours at work or getting more sleep.

Spring Break in college also serves another use for those students who live away from home.

 “It gives us an opportunity to go visit and spend time with our family and friends in our hometown,” said GPC student Kate Tate, whose parents live in North Georgia.

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