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The Art of Discovery

By Jessica Cephus

Art is more than just painting and dancing; it is a talent that comes from within and excites the senses. Art is a way of life, and the burning passion for art brought GPC Students Kenyon, 24, and Jasmine, 24, Dudley together. Both are co-founders of the Discovery Institute and will move into their new 6,000 square foot performing arts facility in Conyers on March 22.

Where did the name Discovery come from and what do you want your students to discover?

Kenyon: “We wanted an art center that anybody from age 6 into adulthood could come and just have a chance to explore themselves, explore their talent or skill. We wanted to give them a safe place so they can discover who they are in the arts.”

What sparked the creation of the Discovery Institute?

Jasmine: “After working for a company and seeing that the students weren’t really benefiting for the amount of money they were paying, our Executive director said, “you have the gift so why not do it yourself?” It was always a burning passion of ours but we prayed about it, talked about it, and received signs from everywhere and we said let’s just do it. It started with a small acting class and then it turned into a performing arts school in Marietta and now we are the performing arts center in Conyers!

What motivates you to keep building and educating entertainers?

Kenyon: What motivates me most is God. There were times when we stepped out on faith even when things didn’t look so good but at the end of the day, Jasmine and I both have strong faith. We pray a lot and make sure we go to church and listen to God before we make a move.

Jasmine: Those moments when you see lives transformed through the arts; I live for that.

“Our motivation is integrity.” What does this mean at Discovery?

Kenyon: Integrity is a must. Tell the truth at all costs. We live this through our marriage and it seeps through to our business.

How did you “discover” the new Discovery facility?

Jasmine: “It started kind of weird because we really weren’t looking for a building. The plan was to find a place that I could rent for 11 weeks for a summer camp. We looked for weeks until we came a facility. We went to look at the building and instantly fell in love.

                  The Dudleys invite you and your family to fall in love with art March 22 at 6:30 p.m. For more information about the Discovery Institute please visit, www.discoveryperformingarts.com.

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