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The Director’s Cut: Interview with two-time Campus MovieFest Participant Tyler Bell

By Jessica Cephus and Simone Smoot

The largest student film festival where students from all over, including Georgia Perimeter, get to compete and show off their movie making skills has returned to GPC. Campus Moviefest is a wonderful opportunity for many inexperienced movie watchers to become more seasoned movie makers.

Tyler Bell, a student at GPC, knows exactly what it is like to go from student to director/actor. As CEO of TBELLMedia, Bell has proven that he has exactly what it takes to compete with the finest movie makers.

“I found out about the moviefest last year,” said Bell. “I saw all the interesting flyers, I knew I had the skills, and plus it was free so I entered. I entered the moviefest last year but I lost so I entered this year to prove that I have the skills to show the clean comedy still exists,”
said Bell.

Being a part of this year’s Campus Moviefest seems like a very challenging task, but instead of focusing on his nervousness, Bell stated that he is really looking forward to gaining new skills and experience.

“I just want to be able to compete at a higher level one day. I want to learn more about editing videos, network with the other participants and gain exposure, and hopefully make it to Hollywood,”
said Bell.

Bell stated that whether win or lose at the 2014 Campus Moviefest he would still keep entering just to check out the new talent and see what the other participants had to offer so that he can continue to
better himself.

Bell was excited to be a part of such a wonderful event. It is definitely safe to say that filming and video production is Bell’s passion.

“I just want to keep bettering myself. I love being in front of the camera because you get to express whatever you want, you can be whoever you want and of course being able to sit back and watch the finished product is really cool,” said Bell

Although Bell strives to have the best movie during this year’s moviefest he also wants to encourage others to participate in
future moviefests.

“If I had to motivate anyone be a part of the Campus Moviefest I would tell them not to be intimidated by what contestants produce. Be proud of whatever your final product is and keep entering!”
said Bell.

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