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A Modern Twist on ‘Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo’

By Kezia Velista

As college students, too often, are we are bogged down with schoolwork, bills, and jobs that we forget about any form of expression such as art and writing. National Poetry

Month is celebrated every April at GPC. It’s a way for students to appreciate poetry as well as writing in general.

To commemorate this year’s National Poetry Month, the poetry and performance club at the Dunwoody campus decided to hold a poetry slam for poets to display their written work and more importantly, express themselves through art. Hosted by award winning poet Ayodele Heath and English professor Greg Murray, attendees shared laughs from the funny poems presented and were in awe of the talented aspiring poets.

The event was sectioned off into two parts. First was the impromptu competition, where students split into groups of six to write various types of poems in eight minutes.

When asked what she thought about the impromptu teams, Alexis Wiggins said, “I was expecting a lot more stupid fluff poetry not the really funny stuff like we’ve gotten so far. This is the most fun I’ve ever had in school.”

It consisted of team names the Mcgills, the Winners, the Zebras, and another team named Last Night. Their assignments were to create a sestina, which is a fixed verse consisting letters of the alphabet chronologically. Then, they also wrote a sonnet about a celebrity they want to offend. A sonnet is a fourteen line rhyming poem consisting of rhymes in every one of them.

GPC student T.J. Henderson said, “My favorite one was when they insulted celebrities, especially Miley Cyrus. They really went in on her life!”

At the end of the challenge, Dr. Murray concluded that everyone was a winner.

The second portion was an “open mic,” when our aspiring poets shared original pieces.

Engineering major Adnan Rashied commented, “The performance that really stood out for me was by Iqbal Chowdhury. He’s a good friend of mine but I had no idea he

was so good at poetry.”


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