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Solomon Stringer  views  the Art of Nursing display on Clarkston campus.
Solomon Stringer views the Art of Nursing display on Clarkston campus.

Art Illustrates How Nursing Touches Lives

By Justin Beaudrot

Nursing met Art as GPC students and faculty submitted entries to the Georgia Perimeter College Association of Nursing Students (GaPCANS) “The Art of Nursing” art display held April 7-9.
Judged by nursing department professors, the 13 entries included representations of how nursing has affected the lives of the artists.
Nursing students Kelly Szatyari, PCANS BTN (Breakthrough to Nursing) director, and Andrea Almeida planned and organized the event.
“I put it together to promote nursing…to support ideas…to show that it’s not just what most people think about nursing,” said Szatyari.
This being the first year of
the Art of Nursing show, Szatyari and Almeida collected and helped judge entries alongside nursing department professors.
The entries “bring nursing and how it impacts social interactions and the average day person’s life and bring that to the forefront,”
Almeida said. Influence for the show was modeled after professional RN organizations and how they promote the nursing industry.
Szatyari said, “I wanted a profession that was both challenging and meaningful.” The primary focus of the art is to raise awareness of how nursing touches the lives of everyone.
“There’s so many different elements to nursing and it’s not just blood and bodily fluids…it’s the culture of caring,” Szatyari said. “You get to care and you get to influence people and you really make a difference.”
Szatyari hopes the show will continue and become tradition for following semesters and future nursing students.
This year’s winner will recieve a gift certificate to the GPC bookstore as well as publication of their work.
The GaPCANS regularly participate in the National Student Nurses Association’s (NSNA) Annual Convention held in April and the Georgia Association of Nursing Students’ (GANS) Annual Convention in October.

(Photo by Justin Beaudrot)

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