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Ask Sloane: Summer Breakin’

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come for us to relax and let the blazing sunshine embrace our faces. The time for us to get nice suntans, wear little to none, and dip our bodies in the chilly waters; it’s a time to kick our feet up, take a nice trip, and unwind from all of the overbearing assignments and test. Summer vacation, las vacaciones de verano!

While we are all excited, we must remember safety tips and procedures, so we can return to school in great shape. A few ways to ensure a safe and healthy summer vacation

are as follows:

No drinking and driving.

Protect your skin by applying sunscreen.

Don’t go anywhere with someone you don’t know without telling the people you are with.

To my ladies, don’t go to the bathroom by yourself.

Make sure to have safe sex, and …

Be sure you pay attention to how to conduct yourself while out and about in a new area.

First, make sure you are responsible outside of your comfort zone. Park your car in areas that are well lit and as close to your destination as possible. Always close all of the windows and lock the car doors, and keep valuables out of view by locking them in the trunk, tucking them under the seat or on the floor and covering them with a blanket.

Also, if you are driving and become lost, do not stop on the side of the road to check the map. Instead, drive to a brightly lit, public place to do so. If you are going out sightseeing, ask at the hotel front desk if there are any areas you should avoid.

Only take the cash you need for the day with you. Leave the rest, and all other valuables, locked in the hotel or motel safe. Never display large amounts of cash when making a purchase. The money you keep with you should be in small denominations.

Drinking and driving is an immature circumstance that can be avoided by the parties involved. It is very irresponsible and dangerous.

I recommend if you are with a large group of people there should be at least one or two people that are sober and will not consume so much alcohol while out having a good time. Someone has to be the designated driver. This should be established before the drinking even begins.

And lastly safe sex, be very careful while on vacation. Condoms and contraceptives should be in your luggage before your clothes.

Most importantly, remember to have fun because it only lasts for a while. Have no regrets and live life as you feel fit for yourself. Don’t forget any of the safety procedures

while you are having a good time.

Happy Summer,



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