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GPC Staff Profile: Leola Brown

By Ebbrea Wilson- Contributor

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Some students enjoy the food court; some enjoy the student center; and some students can not seem to leave the chemistry lab.

But one person is sure to have almost every student’s attention at one time or another. There are many people who make GPC a better place every day. From the custodians to the librarians to even the bookstore clerks that make coming to school exciting. One person who is a pleasure to know is Ms. Leola Brown. GPC’s bookstore clerk does not just check out student purchases, but she is also a licensed cosmetologist.

Brown said, “My passion and specialties are in caring for and styling hair.”

Brown has been working at GPC for only a short amount of time. She loves working here, and her favorite part about this job is being able to actively engage with the students. Since starting work here, Brown says her most memorable experience is when she was able to place a smile on a student’s face with just a little joke. For example she will say, “Will you purchase me some items as well?” or “Where are my cookies at?”

If she could give students three pieces of advice, she would say, “to always be respectful to others, always treat others how you want to be treated and to never look down at others that you think are less fortunate than you.”

Brown said, “This job can be hectic at times, but I still enjoy my time at GPC and make the best of it.”

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