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High Hopes for Women’s Basketball

HopeBy: Hope Dickson

GPC Jaguars are getting ahead of the game for next season and the Women’s Basketball Team has tryouts lined up for March 29.

Head Coach of the Women’s team at GPC for 16 years,  James Waldon, is enthusiastic for what potential prospects might add to next season’s team, and hoping that with these tryouts he can get the players he needs to reclaim the Jaguars place at the top of the league.

Every year, coaches try to find replacements to fill in the positions that are lost, and next season the Women’s Basketball team is looking to add six to seven players.

“My primary focus is to find several guards that can affect the outcome of the game in a positive way,” said Waldon. “I also need players that have high motive, competitiveness and passion for the game.”

The recruitment process starts early for most sports because coaches want to get a head start on training and conditioning their players for the next season. Since recruitment starts now, summer workouts are right around the corner.

Starting at the end of May through June with a break in July, the Jaguars are sure to get in the practices they need to win Championships next year.

“A friend once summed up my feelings about the recruitment and off season training process,” said Waldon. “We can’t win championships in the off season, but we can certainly lose it.”

Coaches are looking at players that add something to the team, so when it comes to tryouts, they tend to be somewhat intense. The tryouts alone have players put into real game like situations, so the coaches can see their level of competitiveness and if players aren’t up to key then they don’t make the final cut.

The tryouts are open to any future, transfers, or current GPC students; however, other factors come into play when eliminating the choices of players trying out.

“I get recommendations from other coaches, look at their GPA, how many years they’ve played, if the player can pass conference, etc.,” according to Coach Waldon. “These factors don’t come into play until I start to look to add players to the roster. In the past, I had success in landing good players, and these factors give me a chance to look at them up close.”

Tryouts are scheduled for March 29, at 10 a. m. at the Decatur campus. If you are interested in trying out for the Women’s Basketball team for next season, contact Coach Waldon at james.waldon@gpc.edu.

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