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Jasmary Reyes Wins Art of Nursing Show

By Justin Beaudrot

Art of Nursing Winner Q and A

The Georgia Perimeter College Association of Nursing Students (PCANS) chose Jasmary Reyes as the winner for their Art of Nursing art show displayed April 7-9. The Art of Nursing, organized by Kelly Szatyari, showcased how nursing affects the lives of everyone.

Reyes was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Florida, and now excels at GPC as a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Reyes and her work “Dr. Baby Toes” took home the prize of a GPC Bookstore gift certificate and the title of the first Art of Nursing winner.

Q. How did you come to hear about the Art of Nursing?

A. “Dr. [David] Koffman, he was giving us more real-world projects so we can learn how it is to have real clients and he gave a whole stack of clients and I took them all. I put in a piece for everybody. The first one I actually worked on was the Art of Nursing.”

Q. What inspired you to create “Dr. Baby Toes”?

A. “Recently, last year my aunt she had a baby, but it was a 50-50 chance either she would or he would die. Luckily, thank God, they’re both alive. He’s turning two on August 5 … that’s why I did my piece on newborns and babies because I believe that without the nurses he wouldn’t haven’t gotten where he is.”

Q. What are the different parts about in your piece?

A. “The baby’s feet, pretty much that was the first thing I saw when of my [cousin] when he was born … I want it to represent more children and the whole cute and lovingness of children. I went ahead and drew the nurse on the big toe because she’s the main person and taking care of all the different little kids … It’s a really nice thing that nurses do for us, to take care of our little ones, to make sure we can take them home.”

Q. Where is the next step for you?

A. “This is my last semester here at GPC. I’m majoring in Art. I would like to transfer to Valdosta State and become a graphic designer and minor in psychology. I believe both kind of go hand-in-hand. You need to know your client to be able to create art work … My dream job, hopefully, is if I could get a job with either Disney or Universal Studios.”

“Dr. Baby Toes” was inspired by the 30 hours Reyes spent with her aunt in the delivery room and how the nurses were a big part of that. She is a first generation college student for her family and sets a positive example for her younger sister. They both plan to attend Valdosta State together.

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