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No Time, for Workout time!

By Rodrigo Guerrero

Morning workouts are not possible with GPC’s current gyms’ hours of operation. Colleges such as Georgia State, West Georgia, and Kennesaw State have gyms that remain open from 7 a.m. to midnight, while GPC’s gym is from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

I asked some  students around campus to see how they feel about this.

“Gyms should at least open at eight in the morning,” said GPC student Nick Harrison.

The U.S. childhood obesity rate has dropped over 40 percent in the past decade. With America gaining momentum, we run into everyday challenges such as this one. Having to pay for a gym twice does not really sound appeal to the average college student.

  “I am paying tuition for a gym that I never get a chance to use,” said GPC Student

Dorenell Howell.

Hearing all the negative responses this help me gain the willpower to find out, “Why does the gym open so late?”

When doing some research on why the gym opens so late I had found that gym classes are held from eight to twelve on a daily basis. This is one huge factor that makes the gym open at very late time. In the morning times when I have visited the gym I always see a class doing something. Whether it be shooting hoops on the court or lifting weights in the weight room.

Even though the gym itself opens up late there is things you can do without it being physically open. A few workout machinery that the gym offers can still be accessible. Machinery like the treadmill, the incline and pull up bar offer great workouts. Going for a few laps around the track would not only burn those extra calories but also build up your confidence.

Banning together as a student body to unite as one can seem like a very daunting challenge but the with the will power, nothing is impossible.


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