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‘Noah’ Floods Box Office

By Tammara Green

On March 28, the box office flooded with people ready to see the modern day story of Noah. According to the Daily Mail, Noah out sold Divergent in its second week, taking first place with 44 million in ticket sales. “Noah” stars A-list celebrities Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson.
Genesis chapters 6-10 explains the fate of Noah and his connection to God; but director Darren Aronofsky takes the story a bit further by adding the obstacles Noah struggled with during his journey.
In an interview with the Washington Post, Aronofsky stated, “Noah is the least biblical film ever made.” Noah (Russell Crowe) balances good and evil versus his justice for God.
Noah must build an ark to protect God’s creations from the terrible storm that will flood the cities and destroy mankind. Along with his job he must protect his family from mankind’s temptations, defeat the enemy from taking control of the Ark, and maintaining the respect of his family while juggling the obedience of God.
“Noah” is a powerful story that shines light on all people and their Judgment of good and evil. This film showcases the epic tales of human emotions, with mythical creatures who also share the same emotions and forgiveness. There is plenty of action and brutal fight scenes. Noah plays on the borderline of religious etiquette.
Darren Aronofsky also told the Washington Post, “My job is first and foremost as an entertainer. I entertain people. And I try to make films that are exciting, and fun, and emotional, and moving, and filled with action, and that’s all I care about.”

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