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Social Media Connects

By Simone Smoot

With around 73 percent of adults on sites like Facebook and Twitter, social media is a huge force in society. These sites help shape society, they are all under intense scrutiny from many different people.

Social media has given us entertainment, insight and a direct line of communication to my friends.

Social media is, in fact, incredibly useful. Family members, friends from high school, and college sweet hearts are now in one spot, for free. After natural disasters hit and many phone lines are down social media helps people locate loved ones. This occurred recently with the Washington State mudslide.

Even without natural disasters, people are connecting even more fervently now, which means that social media increases social behavior. People that have difficulties carrying out conversations in person are able to communicate more freely through the Internet. Knowing that words can be taken back, posts can be deleted, and tone cannot be heard puts more socially awkward people at rest.

Social media contains the world, but edited. Facebook and many other social sites like it allow the user to portray himself how he wants. The most timid of people become bold in the universe of social media. Thoughts, ideals and passions are at the center of most pages, allowing people to share secret parts of them.

They even allow people to join organizations, and connect with others that share their same interests. Various blogs cater to the desires of millions of people, including me. On Tumblr, I follow all blogs related to food, books, and Michael Fassbender. That is what’s so beautiful about blogs, and pages, and boards: People are able to be part of communities that understand, and relate to their passions.

Though social media allows people to communicate easily, it also serves as entertainment. Vines, memes, and online games like Plants vs. Zombies serve as endless entertainment and laughs. However, these forms of media are not just a tool for procrastination. Social giants like YouTube and Tumblr provide learning communities and support. This includes the channels Crash Course and MinutePhysics, which take complicated or dull school subjects (American History) and make them more simplified and fun.

Thousands of images are uploaded to sites from all over the world, allowing people to take visual tours of countries they have never seen and may never see.

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