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Transitioning into Modern Times: E-books vs. Textbooks

By Alec Ross- Contributor

Out with textbooks, in with the e-books. E-books are essential nowadays to the teaching and learning process. Students have the ability to go more in depth on a particular subject by going to websites provided in the e-book or even taking practice tests to reinforce their understanding of the subject. The teachers even have a role in shaping the students’ learning through e-books. Teachers are able to add information they deem important for the students to learn and can add practice tests as well.

“I prefer e-books now, instead of textbooks,” said GPC student, Tytiana Grier. “Especially in today’s world, with technology shaping everyone’s lives.”

How would you like to save time and money while learning more in depth about subjects? This is easily achieved by switching from dusty and wasteful print books to e-books, or electronic books. They are full of features and benefits that help any student learn material effectively.

E-books are online books that you can purchase or rent for a particular subject through the school system. The e-books are great for students, especially in today’s world due to the need of having things easily accessible. They save time for students and companies, because all one has to do is purchase the access code and enter it into the website. Then everything is set for the person to begin learning.

You have instant access to your book and information needed for the class anywhere there is Wi-Fi and a device that can connect to the Internet. Also, if a student has limited funds available for classes, the student can save time and money by buying e-books rather than textbooks. Textbooks, even bought used, are more expensive than e-books, and there is no need to wait 4-6 days for the e-book to ship.

According to Samantha Birk from journalgazette.net, e-books save an estimated “40-60 percent a semester/year.”

Students save money for future aspirations in education or daily finances, which is a fantastic win for everyone. Why not start the switch to e-books for money, time, and an improved learning experience? I recommend that we start shifting into the future, so we do not get left.

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