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Sophomore Sofia Djermakoye warming up for tryouts.
Sophomore Sofia Djermakoye warming up for tryouts.

Women Shoot for a Spot on the Team

By Hope Dickson

Approximately 21 hopeful prospects of upcoming and current GPC students came out Saturday, March 29, to the Decatur campus to show GPC women’s basketball coaches their skills to make the team for next season.
After an hour of a variety of drills, each lasting for about five minutes, the coaches had to cut their prospect list in half.
Eliminating the finalists to the Final 11, head coach James Waldon said to the prospects, “There was a lot of talent, but the ones with a lack of training and conditioning didn’t make the cut.”
The tryouts were extremely intense, even for players who have spent a majority of their life on the basketball court.
“It was okay; I didn’t think that there was going to be that many drills though,” said Darlecia Bonds, GPC freshman and one of the finalists in tryouts. “I was nervous when playing the game with the current team, but I have worked out with them before.”
Coach Waldon, among other coaches, has some major decisions to make when choosing which players to keep and which to eliminate.
“I wasn’t expecting this many high school students,” said sophomore Sofia Djermakoye. “However, the tryouts were what I was expecting based off the intensity of the workouts.”
Any new players are going to have some big shoes to fill. While some players may lose their position due to grades, sophomore Yvonna Dunkley will be the only player from the women’s team to graduate from GPC.
“It is going to be tough,” said Coach Waldon. “There are two prospects that we want for sure, but they have received other offers, so I am going to have to convince them to come onto the team. The other finalists still need to have a decision made on them, and we are looking to fill another four to five positions.”
Dunkley will leave the team after this season to pursue her dreams as a psychology major. She has not decided which school she will be transferring to yet, although she has received a couple of other basketball offers.
When asked if there was any advice she wanted to give to the following season’s team, Dunkley did not hesitate to give her words of wisdom.
“Don’t quit,” Dunkley said. “No matter what happens to the team, don’t quit on the court.”

(Photo by Hope Dickson)

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