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You’re Here, Now What?

Last-Minute Reminders for New and Returning Jaguars 

By Jabril Titus

Are you a new or returning student? Are you excited? Well, you should be! Below are a few tips that will prepare you for your Fall 2014 semester at GPC. Put on your cool glasses, and read below!

1) Admissions

Before being able to complete anything else, you must be an admitted student at GPC. Make sure you have been accepted to GPC and that you’ve completed orientation.

2) Classes

Need help with picking classes? GPC has advisors who are willing to sit down with you and help you pick your classes for the Fall 2014 semester until August 15. It is very important to try to pick your classes ahead of time, for the simple fact that there are lots of students who are willing to fill up the empty space that you may have wanted.

To pick classes go to the Student Info System, Login, Click “Register” at the top list, Click “Add/Drop classes,” and proceed to search by subject.

A major purge will take place the first week of school, so if there is a class that you may have wanted to take, you may still have a chance to pick it.

Also, if you are not thrilled about the class you are in, you have one week after the first week of classes to drop a class and receive a full refund.

3) Financial Aid

Make sure that your FAFSA is up to date and that your form of payment for classes and tuition has been made before August 18. If not, your classes can and will be dropped. Please make sure that you have this taken care of before the deadline.

Remember the major class purge will take place the first week of school, so make sure you’ve secured your spot in that particular class.

4) JCard

After completing orientation, you are then required to pick up your identification card in room 1200.

Your JCard is essential for you to have throughout your full time at GPC. Your GPC-ID is required to access GPC systems, registering for classes, printing and copying needs, purchasing textbooks (if you have financial aid), parking decal, and for personal use for discounts at various stores.

If you lose your JCard, it will cost you $10 to replace it. So hold on to your ID!

5) Parking Decal

You will need your parking decal to use the student parking lot at all times. If you do not have a parking decal, you will receive a ticket and must pay a fine.

Parking decals are free of charge, and there is no limit on how many you can receive. If you have multiple cars, you can receive multiple passes.

6) Most Importantly…

Enjoy your semester at GPC. Whether if this is your first semester at GPC or your last semester, each of them will be different. Each is a chance for you to start fresh. Take control of this semester, and make the best of it. Good luck everyone!

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