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A New Fall, A New iPhone: What Will You Choose?

Illustration by Jasmine Frierson.
Illustration by Jasmine Frierson.

By: Partha Chakraborty

July 29, 2007. A day that changed the world. Nothing catastrophic happened, rather it was revolutionary.  This was the day the first iPhone was released, a unique idea to combine all the gadgets commonly used during the time. It had everything; a phone, camera, music player, handheld gaming system, and the ability to browse the internet.

It took the world by storm and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon, but it was not long before competition caught up to the iPhone.  Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, LG all created their own smartphones to compete with the iPhone, but the geniuses behind Apple always found a way to give their product the competitive advantage.

They improved and released a new version of the iPhone each subsequent year, adding features like Wi-Fi capabilities, FaceTime, Siri, and now Apple Pay.

The latest iPhones, the iPhone 6 and 6+, released Sept. 19, and we caught up with some GPC students and professors to get their opinions.

Jonathan Hillman, a psychology major at the Clarkston campus, said,  “I will upgrade to the iPhone 6, because it’s thinner and bigger. I think the 6+ is too big but the 6 is a good size.”

He is a loyal iPhone customer and already owns the iPhone 4S. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the new release as Jonathan.

Daniel Gordy, a radiology technology major at the Clarkston campus, says that he doesn’t “know much about it.”

“I probably won’t upgrade until the 7 comes out simply because I’m a poor but smart college student,” Gordy finishes.

His professor, Josefina Gonzalez, teaches humanities at the Clarkston campus and is excited to tell us that she owns 5S.

“I accidently but intentionally put my iPhone 4 in the washing machine to upgrade to the 5S,” said Gonzalez. “I might do the same again.”

Here is a comparison of all the iPhone models and their specification, starting with the iPhone 4.

So, will you make the switch?

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