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Smokers Become Vexed

 By: Jabril Titus

Illustration by Jasmine Frierson.
Illustration by Jasmine Frierson.

Everyone should be aware of the smoking ban on all University System of Georgia’s colleges by now. If not, brace yourself for Oct. 1, because it’s right around the corner.

This raised so many different concerns with smokers and some non-smokers. There are mixed feelings about whether if this a good idea or not, but regardless of students opinion, this rule will be blasting into full effect within the next month.

It was essential to get the opinions of smokers and some non-smokers themselves, and most of them were not pleased at all. Invading the smokers presence was very intimidating. They all have many different personalities, but they all connect with one habit they have in common: smoking. A non-smoker walking on to the campus may become consumed with the smoke around them, while a smoker may be dying to have a cigarette to compensate such a stressful week.

In fact, some smokers become furious at the thought of the no-smoking policy.

GPC student Tahmarley Davis said, “It’s time for authorities to stop micromanaging our lives and mind their own fucking business.”

Many of the students felt that it was unfair for the government to ban smoking on the campuses, simply because they are addicted to a product that was produced by the government in the first place.

Another non-smoker was for the ban.

Brianna Parks, an early education major on the Newton campus, said, “I think this smoking ban is for the better, because a lot of non-smokers are in great danger of cancer from secondhand smoke.”

Most smokers believe that they should set up a pit where they can smoke without bothering non- smokers. On the other hand, some non-smokers indeed feel like this is a change for the better, and that their health should be protected at all causes.

Whether or not the students of GPC agrees or disagrees with this law, it will not be stopped.

Julius Whitaker, GPC Library Interim Executive Director library and chair of implementation of the ban college wide, said, “They want- ed to be conscious in the outcome of second hand smoke.”

Whitaker stressed the fact that this law is indeed not intended to penalize smokers but it’s to protect non-smokers and also help smokers better their health.

“The positive side of this is that individuals who do not smoke won’t be subjected to secondhand smoke, and I don’t believe there is a negative side to this because we’re providing services to smokers to help better their health condition,” said Whitaker.

GPC has provided a website that has a list of important facts regarding the smoking ban: www.tobaccofree.gpc.edu

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