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“Stomp Smoking Out”

By: Jabril Titus

In preparation for the no smoking ban that goes into effect Oct. 1, JAG Illusion, the Newton campus dance team, is preparing a performance for GPC students to spread awareness about the no smoking campaign.

During this performance, the health center trailer will pass out nicotine gum, patches and pamphlets to inform students on alternatives for smoking. The committee for the JAG Illusion dance team views this event as a way to inform students about this ban in an entertaining way.

Melissa Lattimore, JAG Illusion committee member, says that this event is to make light of the situation for students and also help them make better health choices.

This is also an opportunity for JAG Illusion to introduce themselves to GPC. They will put on many shows throughout the semes- ter and Oct. 1 will be the first.

Despite different views on the ban, it is coming, and students and staff need to be prepared. Warnings will be issued, but the second time you will be escorted to the Dean’s office to explain why you were smoking on campus.

Six months after Oct. 1, tickets will be issued to individuals who are caught smoking on campus.

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