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Homecoming: GPC style

By: DaVail Weston

Well it’s that time of year again. Suddenly, the campus emerges with school spirit as classmates cast votes for Homecoming King and Queen. For a whole week, we experience JAGUAR pride.

Homecoming week is fast approaching guys and gals, and as students, we risk getting caught up in the uneventful experience that we comprise most of the time as students.

After we have studied for exams, attended activity meetings, socialized and gotten a few hours of sleep, we can find it difficult to remember why we chose to come here in the first place.

But at Homecoming, we have a chance to celebrate a common bond we share, the pride we feel to be JAGUARS at this college we attend.

This year Georgia Perimeter College takes us on a journey to “Fabulous Vegas Days and Nights” remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

This event is sponsored by the Jaguar Activity Group, Office of Student Life, Office of Alumni Relations and the Athletic Department. Homecoming is right around the corner, so mark these dates.

Nov. 3 – 6 is Homecoming week, and as students we should participate to witness our Jaguar pride spread from campus to campus. Nov. 7 is the big day to strut your star-studded attire throughout the night.

Homecoming is much more than just a dance, an event, and a week of activities. It’s the one time we get to show our pride/spirit for the school we attend.

It’s the best time to connect with your fellow peers from each campus and show everyone that you are proud to be a JAGUAR.

And so, without a doubt, I expect to see the venue packed with Jaguar pride.

And I promise you won’t be disappointed with what you see once you attend the festivities.

See you there, and remember to show your Jaguar pride!

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