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How much are you paying for Homecoming?

By: Naya Clark

Ah yes, homecoming! Most of us can reminisce over those days in high school: stressing over who our date would be, what we were going to wear, and of course, the fun of the main event. All of that can be relived again at GPC’s homecoming but at a cost.

Based on the National Center for Education Statistics, GPC has more than 21,000 students. The average attendance of Homecoming is 800 to 1,000 students in attendance, meaning only 3.8 to 4.7 percent of the GPC student population, on average, attends Homecoming.

Based on attendance, budget and spending for this occasion, Homecoming is GPC’s biggest event, costing around $31,480. This raises several questions:

• Why does GPC have a homecoming?
• Why does SGA have more funds in order to support this event as opposed to other GPC clubs?
• Where are these funds coming from?

When Tjazha Mazhani, Student Life director at the Newton campus was asked why GPC has a homecoming, she responded, “Homecoming is an annual celebration for students past and present-and their parents and children…Every fall semester, hundreds of alumni, students, families, and friends descend upon GPC campuses for what is sure to be the ultimate Homecoming experience!”

As for funds, most GPC clubs are given about $13,000 from the Student Activities Fund but JAG receives more than $30,000 for homecoming alone.

Mazhani stated, “Homecoming is funded by the Student Activity Fee. Please note that some of the campus events (outside of the dance) are supported by the individual campus JAG/Student Life budgets.”

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