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Judging a voter by appearance

4 types of people you can meet at voting polls

By: Kezia Velista

When you go to vote, there are many different types of people we may see. It’s actually possible to figure out who people will vote for by their appearance. Usually, judging a book by its cover isn’t suggested but, come on, in this case, it’s almost hard not to do it.

1. Ages 18-25

These voters are considered the future of our nation. Most are still in college, if not high school. They’re part of the population who romanticize being born in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s—“Only 90’s kids remember this” is probably one of their favorite phrases. These people are more likely to have a liberal stance on politics.

How to identify a “90’s kid:” For girls, she’s probably wearing an oversized sweater, high-waisted pants or maybe even leggings as pants, and since elections happen during cooler weather, lengthy boots with socks cuffed a little bit higher at the end. For guys, he could be wearing jeans that seem too short for him because his socks are showing (this is done on purpose, though), a button down that also seems too small, oxford shoes, and a jacket either made of leather or denim.

2. Ages 26-35

These voters tend to be more moderate in their views. They’re out of college, perhaps even done paying their student loans, and it’s safe to say they’re probably liberal on social issues but conservative on fiscal issues.

Now, they’ll most likely be suited up, both the men and women, because they have to go back to their day jobs after voting. On the flip side, the women could be wearing athletic attire: yoga pants, Nike’s “Just Do It” shirts, and again… leggings as pants. Women of this age love to show off that they’re physically active, so much that they don’t even change out of their sweaty clothes after exercising.

3. Ages 36-49

This age range is hard to decipher because some of them could be wildly liberal or wildly conservative. At this point of their lives, they’ve made up their minds about almost everything, in political aspects.

As for the appearance, it’s about the same as those who are 26-35 years old.

4. Ages 50+

Now for this final group of people, they’re most likely conservative, but, of course, there are a few who aren’t. At this age, it’s probable that they dislike the youth and would give are a few who aren’t. At this age, it’s probable that they dislike the youth and would give anything to be on the opposing side of what the 18-25 age range believes. Their fashion choices could be khaki shorts, sweatpants, polo shirts, and floral printed blouses.

As you can see, all different types of people vote from various ages. What matters is your voice and opinion so even though observing what they wear could be funny, it counts that they have the initiative to go and vote on Election Day.

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