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Kill some time in the voting lines

5 things to bring with you while you wait to cast your vote

By: Hope Dickson

If you show up on Nov. 4, to a voting center and there is a waiting line longer than the lines at Wal-Mart, there are a few things that may help keep you occupied while you wait to cast your vote.

1. Cell phone

This helps you in several ways. You can sit on Facebook, which we all know is a great time-waster, the entire time to keep you entertained during the wait. Cell phones are also good for keeping up to date with the polls. That way when it comes to your turn to cast your vote, you know for sure who you want to vote for.

2. Book

Keep up with your literary favorites by bringing along your favorite book. Get your mind clear before casting a vote for our leaders by getting lost in a world only known to readers.

3. iPod/MP3 player

Music can help clear your mind from the troubles of this world. Get lost in your musical favorites.

4. Water bottle/snacks

Water is known to help with your health. It’s always good to bring a water bottle with you anywhere you go, for dehydration purposes, of course. As far as snacks go, a healthy small snack such as: a pack of peanuts, a granola bar, or a piece of fruit can help with your critical thinking skills when you make your polling decisions.

5. Coffee

If you want to vote before the lines really start, make sure to get there early. And early always means coffee…lots of coffee.

Each person is different. What may work for you may be different from what is on this list. Find what works for you, and see you at the polls on Nov. 4!

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