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Make a difference: Go vote now!

By: Azka Iqbal

Turning 18 and being able to finally vote can seem like a big deal. You are finally able to voice your opinions and actually have them matter, even though your one vote can seem insignificant. It is more the idea that you are involved in your community.

Reasons why you should vote:

1. So student issues are addressed

Why would politicians care about student issues if the students themselves seem not to care? Politicians base their campaign around the voters. If college students went their issues addressed, they must make up a significant amount of the voters.

2. Because people fought so you would have this right

Remember the times when anyone who was not basically a rich white male couldn’t vote? No, of course you don’t. It’s because people have already fought for everyone to be allowed to vote. Do you really want their battles to go unappreci- ated? The greatest way you could honor their commitment to making sure every- one can vote is by utilizing the right they gave you.

3. Because it is basically your future

What we do now, determines what happens later. If you do not vote on issues that matter to you, you cannot blame the future world for not being how you want it to be. If you care about the environment, vote for it. Same thing goes with abor- tions, gay rights and any other issue. If you do not fight for your rights, who will?

Many college students do not vote because they do not know how too. This is the case for almost a quarter of all college students. Imagine if they had been well informed and able to vote how they could have changed the results of the election!

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